Urethane Cement

Urethane Cement is the most durable flooring coating system Columbus Epoxy Flooring has to offer, and is designed to hold up to the harshest of environments.

A major advantage of this protective floor coating system is its high tolerance of moisture transmission allowing us to install the coating over freshly poured concrete and remove the necessity of an epoxy vapor guard. This system can withstand thermal shock and high impact making it a perfect floor for kitchen floors, mezzanine areas, forklift traffic, auto service bays, and food storage areas.

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Background on Urethane Cement Coatings

Urethane cement is actually a mixture of a polymer binder(urethane) and concrete. (cement and aggregate.)  The individual elements have great strength.  

Combining them into urethane concrete takes advantage of a chemical bonding between the durability of the polymeric characteristics in urethane with the pure strength of cement and added structural composition of aggregate.  The result is a remarkably tough substance.

Resistance to Chemicals, Moisture, and Thermal Shock

A Comparison

  • Regular cement is highly porous and can help promote bacterial growth and while it’s strong, it can be brittle.  
  • Standard epoxy flooring, when formulated and installed correctly, is durable and will hold up relatively well on flooring installation projects in commercial and industrial environments where moisture and vapor transmission are common. It can also be used for some applications involving some chemicals and thermal shock.
  • As coating to concrete, urethane cement coating is VERY resistant to moisture and vapor transmission, chemicals, and thermal shock.  When it is applied to flooring inside or out, it is resistant to the harshest environments in any industry.

Easy Installation DIRECTLY to Concrete

Installing a urethane cement floor doesn’t necessarily require tearing up the original concrete. Urethane cement is unique in that it can be applied directly to concrete as a stand-alone system without a primer or topcoat.

The application itself is very simple – it is applied via a roller and/or can be done with a trowel.  Depending on the specific application, the thickness of the coating can be varied to meet the needs of the environment in which it will function. 

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Because urethane cement flooring systems have self-leveling properties, it will cure to a smooth surface.  That makes cleaning much easier.  That means that when applied to a floor, there are almost additional installation actions needed.  Plus, it removes the need for a topcoat – which is time savings.  That smoothness also offers a much easier surface for sanitation.

Maintenance requires only the simplest measures – it’s as easy as cleaning any other flooring.  Harsh chemicals may not be needed.  As noted, this is the go-to product for harsh environments of all types and it will perform under almost any circumstances, even the most extreme.

Other SL (self-leveling) applications include instances where urethane cement can be used BEFORE an epoxy coating.  It will work will with regular epoxy because the urethane is a polymeric binder. 

Aesthetic Appeal AND Durability 

Urethane cement is a nearly perfect floor coating option for aesthetic appearance because it can be combined with pigmented topcoats, primers, functional additives, and decorative elements like flake and other additives to make a colorful and 3-dimensional presentation.   


  1. Heat Durability
  2. Stain Resistance
  3. High Commercial Usefulness
  4. Quick Turnaround for application
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