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Why Is It Important for Your Dealership to Have Good Flooring?

When you are in the business of selling automobiles, your main concern when people come into the showroom is to create a sense of trust.

The way the showroom looks is a critical part of building that trust. If a showroom looks nice and clean, is organized, and even has attractive colors, it makes a great first impression. That’s important to a sale, because it sets the stage for any negotiation.

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On the other hand, if your showroom looks shabby, furniture seems dirty, many prospective customers will probably walk out.  Why? Because buying vehicle is an expensive proposition and as customers we want to feel that we’re going to be dealing with professional, high-quality people.

A dealership’s showroom is usually sizeable, with a lot of exposed, visible floor area.  Because it is so obvious, a beat-up or worn floor says bad things about your dealership.

The same holds true for the repair or prep areas.  If they appear grubby or not neat and clean, the mental picture that is painted is negative.  Thoughts run like “Well, if they can’t even keep the front room (or the prep/repair area) looking good, how are they going to take care of my vehicle- and me?”

A shabby showroom floor will also have an effect on the people who work in the dealership.  Scuff marks, stains and other evidence of sloppiness basically says “Run!”  Sloppy surroundings tend to be depressing, especially for sale people who have to be on their best behavior when they try to make a sale.

Epoxy Coating Is the Answer

Epoxy Floor Coating is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to put a long-term “good look” into effect for your showroom. Dressing up a workspace sets a good example for employees as well.  They will definitely feel better about themselves and work harder when their space have more pride in their workplace with the fresh, clean “pop” an epoxy floor provides.

Looks AND Functionality

Epoxy floor coatings offer high functionality and put a neat face on your organization.  They also provide years of reliable service because they are easy to clean and even provide slip resistance.  They are available in multiple colors and can be dressed up with decorative chips and other additives for a more branded look.

Because epoxy floors are seamless, there are no crevices or cracks that can get – and stay – dirty.  They also tend to eliminate bacteria and insects for the same reason – there are no easy places for nasty stuff to hide and detract from the efficiency, cleanability and style of a showroom.  Sanitary cove base is an additional option that can be hand troweled up the wall to create an integrated, seamless area for cleanability and enhanced appearance.

Epoxy flooring even provides protection from dirt and oil (and, in cold weather climates, snow, ice, and slush as well.) Messiness caused by pulling cars in and out of the showroom will no longer be an issue because the covering is very low maintenance.  Soap bristle push brooms and some rinsing takes care of regular care with needs.

Finally, long life is a hallmark of epoxy floor systems.  With very minimal care, they will provide years of good looks and great performance.

Here are a few samples of our auto dealership epoxy flooring work

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