The Columbus Leader in Epoxy Flooring Installations

For Industrial, Commercial & Residential Clients!

The Columbus Leader in Epoxy Flooring Installations

For Industrial, Commercial & Residential Clients!

Trusted By Companies Small & Large

Why Choose Columbus Epoxy Flooring?

With the appropriate application suitable for your environment, our finished installations are both durable & attractive.

Columbus Epoxy Flooring has a combined 40+ years of experience in Columbus and Greater Central Ohio. Our team takes pride in our certified process. We've developed a winning combination of family values, industry knowledge, low overhead, and superior products to bring our customers the best options when selecting an epoxy flooring contractor. 
Over 40 years of experience!
Flooring Done Right:  we take NO shortcuts!
Family-owned: We're a father and son team that takes take pride in our work!
Direct accountability means NO finger-pointing!
We Install flooring for small families, yet we Install floor coatings for some of the largest companies in the world.

Recent Epoxy Floor
Coating Installations

Take a look at some of our most recent projects.

Our work includes Industrial Epoxy Flooring for food processing facilities, warehouses, manufacturing facilities or factories, Commercial Epoxy Flooring like commercial kitchens and restaurants, breweries, showrooms, animal care or veterinarian offices (kennels), and Residential Epoxy Flooring like garages, basements and many more types of applications. Columbus Epoxy Flooring creates and installs unmatched beauty that will enrich any industrial or commercial floor as well as residential basement, garage or workshop.

Commercial & Residential Epoxy Flooring Contractor in Columbus, Ohio

Our success has been based on making sure our customers get the best possible quality installation. Our work includes more than just installing epoxy.

We spend the appropriate amount of time to consult with our clients BEFORE deciding which type of coating is best for their specific needs.
Our process begins with a comprehensive on-site study and continues with discussions with each client about the exact nature of their desired outcome as well as how they want the space in which we install the coatings to operate. It’s important for us to know all about the floor, how it will be used – including traffic types, any machinery or material handling that will be working in the space and how it will be maintained and cleaned.

All Coating Systems and Processes are NOT the Same. 

Therefore it’s important to Read, Listen, Discover and Apply the most cost-effective solution.

We believe in taking the time during discussions and inspection to uncover any special activities and concerns that could affect the choice of coating we will recommend. We also work to educate our customers about materials and processes. We don’t expect to turn every client into an expert, but they need to know enough to make a solid and informed decision when they are presented an estimate.

We find that there is a lot of confusion and many misconceptions about what type of coating is appropriate to each type of need. Everyone involved in the decision needs to have all the facts and not get caught up in what might be false impressions.

When we speak to prospective customers, we want to first understand then give all the facts pertinent to their situation relative to the way the floor will be used once installed. One example of what might seem to be a minor item is the way the floor will be cleaned and what products will be used during that process.

Even though it seems like a minor point, consideration of cleaning solution or applicators used during cleaning can cause issues with the long-term durability of the coating. Some cleaning agents can cause problems if their specific characteristics are not factored into the type and formulation of coating that will be used.

We want to have a long-term relationship with each customer we serve, so it is important for us to ensure that they are fully aware of the reasons for our recommendation. We take pride in being straightforward and ethical in all communications with our customers.

We’re concerned with doing the best job for the long run. Therefore, it’s important that we ask as many questions possible in order to determine and answer to expectations.

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