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Epoxy floor coatings are commonly used for providing a superior coating for concrete flooring in commercial locations of all types. Epoxy coatings are normally applied over worn concrete floors but can also be used in new construction to avoid the wear and damage that uncoated concrete can sustain.

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The reason that epoxy is chosen is because, when it is professionally installed by Columbus Epoxy Flooring, it will provide a high-performance, smooth, and durable surface that will last for years while withstanding the wear and tear of commercial usage.

Commercial operations typically involve for human traffic, material handle, heavy traffic and – in many cases - heavy loads being moved in, out, and around a location. This is particularly true with regard to retail settings or commercial office buildings. Owners and operators depend on epoxy floors to maintain clean and safe conditions for workers, equipment, and inventory, while also providing professional appearances for prospective and existing customer tours of their facilities.

Preparation for Epoxy Floor Coating

The floor to be covered needs to be clean and properly profiled by diamond grinding or shot blasting which provides a clean and slightly porous surface so the coating can properly adhere to the existing substrate. Epoxy may not bond to sealed, polished or newly poured concrete if not prepared properly.

It is important to patch and repair all major cracks and chips in the concrete surface and to remove all grease, paint, or oil. This can be accomplished in a number of ways – After appropriate preparation, special consideration must be given to ensure that the appropriate patch material aligns with the size of the repair along with the type of coating to be applied over the newly patched area.

The Most Successful Epoxy Flooring Installations Start With a Proper Inspection.

Assessing the area may reveal problematic areas:
If the concrete is too damaged, with major holes, gouges or missing pieces, the floor may not be a good candidate for refinishing. As noted, it is possible that various self-leveling materials can be used as part of the preparation.

Vapor transmission is always a potential issue with coating applications. If the amount of vapor transmission is too high, it may be possible to remedy the issue with an epoxy concrete vapor control primer prior to installation. However, a floor with a very high vapor transmission rate or if the slab itself is wet, it is unlikely to be able to receive a successful coating. Wet concrete will not provide the correct adhesion/bond and may cause delamination or total failure if a coating is attempted.

Assessing temperature conditions is important. The temperature/humidity must be suitable, and all other to any product manufacturer's recommendations and must be met before the application can proceed. Very high or low temperatures may cause coatings the epoxy to out gas or bubble along with premature curing and peel while humidity can cause blushing. Low temperatures may cause insufficient leveling, etc..
The final step in Columbus Epoxy Flooring’s preparation is to thoroughly vacuum all the dust and debris from the newly prepared slab so the coating will have a clean and profiled surface for proper adhesion.

Epoxy/Resinous Floor Coating Benefits

Epoxy floor coatings produce much better results than other types of refinishes.

Great Solution for a Broad Range of Commercial Organizations – Almost any type of commercial venture can benefit from the application of Epoxy coatings to floors in its operational areas. Everything from lobbies to waiting rooms, from restaurants to retail spaces and beyond can have an improved appearance, functionality, and improvement in every aspect of day-to-day work.

Because the surfaces have so many positive attributes, the timeless and long-lasting presence will make any commercial space more useful. Additionally, any type of business area, whether it is strictly a workspace or one that is visited by guests and customers, will look better and function better with the addition of epoxy coatings.

Timeliness - In commercial operations, time is usually of the essence. Any interruptions of activity can be extremely costly. Epoxy coating installations take only three days from start to finish, even allowing for complete curing. Any disruption is minimal and due to the long life of the coating, will not be repeated for many years.

No gaps for bacteria - Unlike other types of floor covering – like wood or tiles – installation will not leave cracks between flooring that can become the home of mold, mildew or even insect infestation. The lack of nooks and crannies leaves no room for bacteria to fester and create nasty and possibly toxic odors and vapors. Resinous coatings are non-porous.

Ease of Maintenance

Epoxy/Resinous Coatings provide a long-lasting, durable surface that is able to withstand heavy and continuous traffic. Plus, epoxy coatings are very easy to clean and can handle virtually every type of cleaning equipment or cleaning aid with no trouble as it requires little or no major maintenance. Stripping and waxing are no longer necessary.

This is a strong coating that resists oil stains and water marks with ease. It comes out looking bright and clean after it has been properly scrubbed or mopped. It has a seamless surface that doesn’t harbor insects, mold or mildew that will last for many years.

Because it is resistant to most substances, it provides a chemically resistant surface ideal any liquids or products sold or used within the space. There are even coatings designed to withstand battery acid for areas such as forklift battery changing areas.

Looks – In terms of appearance, the coatings we use offer more benefits than other traditional coatings applied over concrete. It can be applied in different colors and/or patterns to create an attractive appearance or identify special areas

Typical installations provide a shiny high-gloss surface that can significantly increase interior brightness, provide enhanced safety through slip prevention, for all the areas treated.

Colored flakes and other “toppings” broadcast/mixed material can be added tailored to provide interesting and exciting visual effects. Multiple variations can be developed and then created easily during installations.

Columbus Epoxy Flooring can provide complete information on possibilities for any space after an on-premise inspection. We believe in educating our customers so they can get the best results from an application. We don’t expect them to become experts, but there some very important facts they need to have in order to make an informed decision on flooring options.

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