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Restaurants require a lot from their floors. Foodservice is notorious for having wet surfaces, hurrying people, spills, and a need for pristine hygiene.

These everyday circumstances and concerns make epoxy or urethane cement floor coatings an ideal solution for restaurants.

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Trent Martin, Co-Founder Discusses

How Floor Coatings Benefit Your Facility
How Can Floor Coatings Benefit Your Facility

What Benefits Does Epoxy Floor Coating Provide for Foodservice?

One of the most important issues for any restaurant or foodservice operation is sanitation.  Restaurants that are cited or even closed for not having safe conditions in their kitchens can quickly lose a good reputation.  Mold, mildew, and other bacterial problems can put their foodservice operation in jeopardy of having to close.

Daily maintenance is critical for keeping kitchens clean, but if the flooring isn’t up to par, maintaining a bacteria-free environment is impossible.  No matter how cleaning is done, the cracks and joints in flooring can prove to be a safe harbor for all those nasty problems.

Epoxy or urethane cement floor coatings prevent restaurant or Foodservice floors from being a breeding ground for insects and bacteria. Epoxy and urethane cement coatings are seamless and non-porous so bacteria growth is mitigated, especially when it is continued with a hand troweled sanitary cove base that integrates with the new floor and runs up the wall. This helps promote a much easier cleaning process and eliminates the ability for dirt and other unwanted debris from resting within the corners between the wall and the floor.

We’ve heard that health inspectors love it! 

Every kitchen needs to LOOK good while providing tasty food.

When a guest sees a floor that looks dirty or stained, it could easily lead to them leaving and not coming back.  Everyone who enters a restaurant is going to look at the floors because they are usually very visible.

Odor Elimination is another major issue.

No one is going to be happy with food served from a kitchen that reeks.  Spills and debris from cooking equipment can also create an odor problem.  Because epoxy and urethane cement coatings have a non-porous surface, wiping dirt, food, grease and other substances from the floor is much easier and helps prevent offensive odors. 

Slip Resistance

Accidents are, unfortunately, all to too common in every type of foodservice operation.  Sharp knives, tight spaces, hurrying people – cuts and bruises are a part of the space.  But slips are a real deal-breaker.  A staff member or, even worse, a guest who slips and falls can be more than expensive, it can lead to headlines and lawsuits. Epoxy and urethane cement floor coatings can be tailored to meet specific slip resistance requirements. 

Cleanup is Another Concern

People who are on their feet all day aren’t necessarily excited about washing pots, pans, and kitchen equipment, let alone floors.  Epoxy and urethane cement coatings help provide a non-sticky surface that is much easier to keep clean than virtually any other floor surface. It makes cleaning go quicker and be easier.

Cost and Time for Installation  

Epoxy and urethane cement coatings offer great value – in terms of timesaving and keeping staff focused on food instead of cleaning drudgery.  And, with only a 2-3-day period needed for a coating application that should last for years – it’s a long-term bargain!

Here are a few samples of our restaurant epoxy flooring work

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