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Every industry group has special particular performance requirements for achieving durable, long-lasting flooring.

Any application can vary and should be based on specific activities that may include material-handling, equipment performance, types of material storage, cleaning and hygiene requirements, slip resistance, etc.

Columbus Epoxy Flooring has access to and experience with virtually any type of coating material. However, before we can start a job, we need to conduct a close inspection and discussion with potential customers before providing an estimate, let alone actually re-surfacing their floors.

The working environment, including the kinds of equipment that will be present – weight, type of activity and any fluids used; the personnel who will be using the space. 

The actual condition of the existing floor must be inspected because in some cases, flooring that has been damaged or worn out may not be a candidate for coating OR will need very special attention when coated to provide reliable working conditions and a long lifespan.

Quality Dictates There is No Universal Material for Every Situation

We hate to sound like a broken record, but one type of material and application definitely does NOT work in every single environment.

We won’t apply an incorrect material to save money or try to cut corners by not putting the right amount of material on a floor OR try and hurry the curing process (which could actually damage compromise the floor installation and make it inadequate for your long-term use.)

We take pride in doing only the best work for the jobs we do – which doesn’t mean that we are the “Highest-price,” it just means that we want our customers to get the best possible, long-term value of the particular application we provide for their new floor. It’s important that we don’t sacrifice quality just to win a job.

Contrary to what some sources say, there is no one type of coating that works equally well on ALL surfaces in ANY working conditions. Frequently, there are simple precautions or special types of coating materials that need to be calibrated to meet the needs of your facility. We’re happy to provide a potential solution and share with you any product data sheets in order to help illustrate our recommendations.

Usage and conditions may mean that special materials or application techniques may be required, but that doesn’t mean that the price for coating will be very high. Coating a floor is a sizeable expense in any case BUT trying to save money or accelerate the time needed for the floor to cure without considering the REAL cost – failure and/or a need to start the whole coating process all over again, can possibly lead to failure.

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