Decorative Flake Epoxy

Decorative Flake creates a beautiful impression for homeowners and commercial applications. It introduces a lively and colorful element into flooring.

The base epoxy coating product has a great many practical things going for it, but this addition provides a pop without going overboard while making a color decision that can be tastefully customized to be flamboyant or as simple as a single color.

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Decorative flake adds some liveliness but doesn’t detract from the benefits of the application – the seamless, and easy-to-clean floor coating that will cover imperfections in the concrete and help to hide dust and dirt across the floor. 

Where to Use Decorative Flakes:

Flake Application Process

(Note: Before installation, flooring experts consider humidity and temperature conditions, ensuring proper application.

There are multiple steps in the process Columbus Epoxy Flooring uses in applying a decorative flake epoxy flooring system:

  1. The concrete substrate is normally diamond-ground in order to profile the existing substrate and – by opening its pores – ensuring the new floor coating will help provide sufficient bond. 
  2. Any flaws in the concrete are remedied, joints and other irregular areas are patched with epoxy mortar, polyurea or urethane cement and then meticulously blended with hand diamond grinders.  
  3. A penetrating epoxy primer (often a CVC or concrete vapor control primer) is added, followed by a broadcast coat of 100% solids epoxy.  
  4. Once the initial broadcast coat is applied, chips are then broadcast to refusal until the broadcast coat has been thoroughly covered 
  5. One or two topcoats of clear are then applied suitable for the environment sufficient for scratch and mar resistance along with UV stability.   


A lively floor finish will set your home or business apart as being unique. The long-term value of this type of flooring system is often unbeatable.  A decorative flake/chip system coatings also will give your floor a sleek, professional appearance along with ease of clean while providing tailored slip resistance.  If you are interesting are considering vinyl the exceptional value and customization of a flake floor, let Columbus Epoxy Flooring help.  Together, we can customize a state-of-the-art floor covering system for your home, commercial operation, industrial facility, or other type of structure. 

Benefits at A Glance Section

  1. Durability
  2. High Functionality
  3. Aesthetic Appeal
  4. Style Variety
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