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We’re a family-owned and operated company in Central Ohio. As a father and son we started this company and work every day to make it the best in the business. 

We manage the company together and have a firm belief in our ability to help people improve the functionality and looks of their floors.
We have been working in the field of epoxy flooring since the 80’s and have had the opportunity to work with a lot of great folks.

Our work takes us from large factories and retail operations to residential basement and garages, and we enjoy it all. We have taken the time to learn a great deal about epoxy floors, urethane/self-leveling cement, and installation techniques to make them work long and hard for our customers.

We only hire trustworthy and hard-working crew members, train them thoroughly and supervise every job to make sure we’re doing the best for each customer while supporting pride of workmanship. We genuinely believe that honesty and quality are long-term ideas that pay long-term dividends that create a win/win for everyone.

Our company has been growing, even during tough times. Our focus is on product knowledge and great workmanship. We won’t take a job if we don’t think it can be done right – sometimes concrete can be resurfaced or coated, sometimes it just has to be replaced, and we’ll tell s customer when that’s the case.

We don’t overpromise or underdeliver. We take pride in every job we do and making sure we deliver the best product as a fair price.

Contact our Columbus Ohio epoxy floor coating company today at 614-348-3184.

Products We Recommend

We spend a lot of time researching products that could improve our ability to serve customers along with what products are best designed for each their environment. can do best. Like everybody else who cares about their customers, we don’t sell less than adequate products, don’t cut corners, and don’t that use one type of coating or product for every customer. Epoxies and resinous coatings are like tools in a toolbox. You shouldn’t use a hammer to drive a screw nor a screwdriver to drive a nail. It’s very important to pick the correct type of coating and application to suit the environment and aesthetic target of EVERY unique customer.

Epoxy flooring is a very good product and it saves a lot of money for a lot of people. The installations that we execute are not cheap. However, the long-term value of epoxy is substantial. Coating applications often cost a fraction of what it would cost for a customer to tear out a concrete floor and replace it with a new one.

We have the right equipment to install what we’ve determined believe are to be the best products to meet each customer’s needs and spend the time to make sure that every time we use a product it is right for the job.

We always do a complimentary inspection before we will do an estimate and, once we take on a job, we will do it for the quoted price unless something FAR beyond our control comes up.

Epoxy & (Resinous Coatings) can do wonders to make old floors work and look like new for a very long time. However, sometimes we have to be that bearers of bad news. If a concrete floor is beyond repair and recoating, we will tell the prospective customer, after we complete our initial inspection, if the floor they want us to recoat for them is beyond repair.

We enjoy working with our customers and want to stay in contact with them. 

If they ever have a problem, we will respond and if they have additional work, we’re to do it.

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